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Arrayit Corporation Receives Purchase Order from Prestigious Medical Research Center in Boston

10/14/2013 08:03 PM


The Avanti Group Comments as Panasonic may sell Health Care Division

10/14/2013 05:20 AM


Koyal Group Analysts Report European Stocks Finish At Lowest Level since June

10/11/2013 02:38 AM


Minera MAPSA Finalizes Transfer of 178,000 Acres of Mining Concessions in Peru to CD International Enterprises (CDII) Subsidiary

10/09/2013 08:00 PM


“Short Squeeze” May Lead to an Upward Price Spike in Arrayit Corporation Stock

10/09/2013 05:44 PM


Researchers at NIH, NCI and Northeastern University Use Arrayit Corporation’s Microarray Platform

10/08/2013 07:25 PM


CVS Group Tokyo Ramp Approve Aggressive Emerging Small-Cap Fund Creation

10/08/2013 01:13 AM


Legendary Small Cap Investor Irwin “Izzy” Zalcberg’s 13D Filing Indicates Beneficial Ownership of over 5% of the Equity Securities of Arrayit Corporation

10/04/2013 02:18 PM


Carolina Merchant Services offers the lowest possible Credit Card Processing Merchant Service Rates in Charlotte, NC

10/02/2013 04:51 PM


Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute and Opko Health Use Arrayit Corporation’s Microarray Platform

10/01/2013 07:01 PM


Citadel EFT, Inc (CDFT) Congratulates Director Joseph Riad

09/29/2013 09:48 PM


Koyal Group to Take Position in Apple

09/27/2013 07:15 AM


Opko Health Subsidiary Buys Arrayit Corporation’s NanoPrint™ LM60 Microarray Printer

09/26/2013 05:43 PM


Dialing into Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Could Save You Big Dollars, According to Alsbridge

09/25/2013 03:00 PM


Scientists Use Arrayit Corporation’s SpotBot® Extreme Microarray Spotter to Make an Important Discovery

09/24/2013 05:42 PM


Arrayit Corporation Completes $27,000 Purchase Order from the Lincoln Laboratory

09/23/2013 06:26 PM


Arrayit Corporation Shares Hit Three-Year High

09/20/2013 05:48 PM


Researchers in Switzerland Use Arrayit Corporation’s Microarray Technology

09/19/2013 06:16 PM


Researchers at National Taiwan University Hospital Using Arrayit Corporation’s Patented Technology

09/17/2013 05:58 PM


Arrayit Corporation’s Patented Platform Selected by Scientists at Pennsylvania State University and USDA

09/12/2013 06:53 PM


Samsung Electronics Company Using Arrayit Corporation’s Proprietary SuperStreptavidin Microarray Substrate Slides

09/11/2013 05:58 PM


Metrospaces, Inc. (MSPC) Commences Construction of Luxury Condominium Project in Caracas

09/10/2013 08:00 PM


Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) Benefits from New Emission Standards

09/10/2013 08:00 PM


The Avanti Group Advise on Lend Lease Profits

09/10/2013 05:37 AM


Genentech Using Arrayit Corporation’s Patented Technology to Accelerate Drug Discovery

09/06/2013 01:52 PM


Advaxis (ADXS) Publishes Preclinical Research for HPV Treatment Candidate

09/05/2013 08:00 PM


Epazz (EPAZ) Notes High Number of Shorted Shares on August 2013 Report

09/05/2013 08:00 PM


Arrayit Corporation Seeks Commercialization Partner in Israel to Expand Use of its Patented Testing Technology

09/05/2013 04:29 PM


Hendren Group Advise Clients on RBS Buyout

09/04/2013 01:57 AM


IDRI Researchers Using Arrayit Corporation’s Technology

09/03/2013 05:21 PM


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