Audio news files are a viable tool for companies and individuals to broadcast their news information to a global audience. By uploading your audio files and archiving them on StockENews you are ensuring that these recordings remain accessible to individuals interested in your news. StockENews is a recognized leader in news distribution with sites in fourteen countries as well as direct contact with 700 newsrooms and 8000 journalists in North America, guaranteeing the exposure your news deserves. As an aid in notifying our readers about your audio files, StockENews will distribute a current press release submitted by you at no additional cost.
StockENews is committed to providing you with the necessary tools to create an audio file that will attract global attention. When you request an interview through StockENews, a member of our multi-media staff will contact you to ensure that your message is delivered in a timely and professional manner.
There are two means of uploading audio news releases and interviews to StockENews. You can upload a standalone audio news item which will be accessible to StockENews visitors in the current audio releases section and also from your profile. You can also upload an audio file when you submit a news release. Uploaded audio files will be linked to your news release and visitors will be able to listen to the uploaded audio while reading your news. Also, if you would like to upload an audio news item or interview but don't have the means to produce it, StockENews will be happy to assist you with your audio presentation. To place your audio news item on StockENews, click one of the hyplerlinks below to get started.
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